Nona Saharan

Managing Editor

Edward Simon Cruz

News Editor

Taylor Alphonso

Staff Writer

When Carter G. Woodson first proposed the idea of “Negro History Week” in 1926, the precursor to Black History Month, he wanted to ensure that Black and African Americans were being recognized for their achievements and their key role in our nation’s history. Almost a century later, more and more Americans are recognizing Black history as American history and acknowledging the need to highlight the many contributions of Black Americans. A single month does not do justice to the many facets of Black history, and focusing on the names that most people already know — like Frederick Douglass, Rosa Parks, and Martin Luther King, Jr. — ignores the accomplishments of many other figures.

The Knightly News is highlighting nine Black and African Americans across various fields who have broken barriers and distinguished themselves through their lives and careers. Even though Black History Month has ended, it is important to continue acknowledging and highlighting contributions of people like the nine whom we have chosen to feature. A continuous effort will allow for a more complete understanding of the many ways in which Black Americans have shaped and continue to shape our progress as a nation. Navigate the pages below to learn about the glimmering personalities of Black History.

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