The following is North alumna Megha Gongalla’s response to our questions about her college decision process, the student life and culture at Temple University, and more.


Gongalla graduated from North in 2019. She is a part of Temple University’s class of 2023.

Choosing TU honestly was an easy decision; it was the first school I got into, and I ended up getting a scholarship that covered the entire cost of attending. 

I am really happy with my decision. I wasn’t sure at first, but I love Philly; it’s an amazing city and it’s providing me with a lot of opportunities in my intended field.

Since I’m so close to home, I rarely get homesick and when I do, I just hop on a train and I’m home in an hour. Honestly, the thing I miss the most is Bagel Hole and Tico’s. 


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Temple is such a diverse school that there’s something for everyone.

It definitely feels scary at times because the student body is so big, but once you find your friends and join clubs, it feels much smaller and comforting.

Going to college coming from WW-P is definitely a unique experience as to which my friends and I can attest. You realize there’s much more out there than STEM and that’s something you really gain exposure to in college. 

All in all, Philly is an amazing place to be as a college student, and Temple specifically can provide any student with the resources and guidance they need no matter what field into which they go.

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