The following is North alumna Anjali Mundayat’s response to our questions about her college decision process, the student life and culture at Drexel University, and more.

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Mundayat graduated from North in 2018. She is a part of Drexel University’s class of 2022.

I am currently doing really well at Drexel! In terms of academics, I have a good GPA that I’m very proud of, and I am a part of many extracurriculars that are aimed towards helping me get exposure to the medical fields before I apply to graduate school. I am also involved in two labs at the moment—one through a club that is involved with ALS locked-in syndrome and another that is a Drexel-professor-headed Drosophila neural lab. The latter is using Drosophila to research CHARGE syndrome and its effects on Alzheimer’s patients.

 I’m very glad I chose to go to Drexel as it has opened my eyes to a career path that I had not considered before and as it has set the foundation for me to do well.

I don’t usually get homesick, as Drexel is only an hour away via SEPTA or even driving. Drexel’s location allows me to come home at least once every two months. 

The thing I miss the most is probably being able to spend time with my family and friends, although I do at times really crave a good bagel from Bagel Hole!!


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I think my favorite thing at Drexel may also be the hardest thing about Drexel⁠—which is the very intense ten-week quarter system. While most universities go through a 15-20 week semester, Drexel challenges students to complete that in 10 weeks. Unlike most other universities, we also have a quarter during the summer due to our Co-app program. While this may appear to be quite difficult, I love the challenge, and now have gotten very accustomed to it. 

I also love the friendships that I’ve made, as I feel as though they are very genuine and I spend 24/7 with them.

Drexel is a very open and progressive community. Everyone is welcomed with open arms, and usually most kids that go there are very happy to be with the people that they are with.

Since the Drexel quarter system is one that is challenging, professors and advisors are always helpful and have aided me through my struggles. It is due to the positive and inspiring community at Drexel that I am finally confident in my knowledge and I’m thriving, which is something I struggled with when I was younger.

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