The following is North alumnus Shaun Robinson’s response to our questions about his college decision process, the student life and culture at Boston University, and more.


Robinson graduated from North in 2017. He is a part of Boston University’s class of 2021.

I chose BU for its journalism program. I was fortunate enough to know what I wanted to study going into college, and I’ve found that most people here are also that way.

I was choosing between BU and other urban schools like NYU and GW, but I settled on BU for the city. I really think Boston is the best place in the country to go to college, but I’m biased!

I’m doing well. I had a great first two years in Boston and I am spending this semester abroad in London. If you’re in a position to study abroad during college, I highly recommend it!

I got homesick a little during my first semester, but really haven’t since. I miss my dog (of course) and I miss Hoagie Haven. Coming to college really made me realize that North is quite good at preparing you for higher education. Remember that and take advantage of it while you’re there!


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My favorite part about going to BU is how much my friends and peers really care about what they study. This school is very politically active, which I like because politics really interests me (also I won’t hide it, we’re overwhelmingly liberal). 

The hardest part is balance. Classes are hard and you will be inundated with homework. We also don’t have as many academic breaks as most schools and start fairly late in the fall (Labor Day).

BU definitely makes you find a small community within a big institution. The school has a lot of resources, but it is really on you to seek them out and use them.

BU can definitely be a place to party if you want, but it can definitely not be if you don’t. Also, with the exception of the day of the Boston Marathon, this place is not a big sports or tailgate school. We honestly aren’t huge on school spirit, but almost everyone is very supportive and would get coffee with you if you asked.

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