By: Pranav Nair & Aashika Mehta

With immense devotion, a tremendous heart, and the skills to bring it all together, Senior Alex Quezada, already named MVP of the soccer team, exemplifies the role of captain in North’s soccer team. His talents have brought him recognition at many levels, such as The Colonial Valley Conference and the Mercer County Tournament. Quezada became infatuated with the sport when he was four years old, at which time he began his career with recreational soccer in East Windsor.
Ever since then, Quezada’s life has centered around the sport. “Soccer has helped me become a stronger leader. It has affected my life greatly. I’ve noticed that in class when we work in groups, I find myself getting the group to keep moving and stay on task. My life is all about soccer,” said Quezada. His commitment to the sport is not solely contained in matches and practices; it affects every aspect of his life.
Quezada, being the team’s motivator, has a contagious charisma, lifting the moods and attitudes of the other players positively. “Alex has taught me ways to improve my game and hone in on my skills. Alex’s burning passion and motivation has also rubbed off on me and most of the team by creating a great and hard working atmosphere,” said Junior Ahmed Elmogi, one of Quezada’s teammates. Even more impressive, however, is how the sheer power of Quezada’s magnetic personality unifies and leads the team to success. His personality shines on and off the field, and everyone around him seems to take notice. “He is not only a gifted soccer player, but he is also a fantastic young man who is considerate, respectful, and one who puts others before himself. I’m very thankful that he decided to play on our team,” said Varsity soccer coach and sophomore physical education teacher Mr. Trevor Warner.
Quezada’s magnetic and optimistic personality has not gone unnoticed by his teammates. “Alex is the one who tells us to keep our heads up when we make mistakes and to praise us when we do well. Before every game, Alex sends us all a text message to motivate us and get us hyped up for the game,” said Junior Sean Ryan. These small acts of leadership, springing from his love of the sport and for his friends, is what makes this team one to be reckoned with.
Now with years of experience under his belt, Quezada is aiming to achieve incredible feats this season. “In order to win the Mercer County Division, I feel like I have to put everything I’ve got onto the field, especially since it is my last year on the team,” said Quezada. This may not be such a reach for Quezada as his talents have allowed him to shine on the soccer field. Quezada has proven to be an integral part of North’s atmosphere and athletic community, as his incredible talent and magnetic charisma have motivated his teammates and coaches.

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