We at the Knightly News were absolutely astounded, disgusted, and deeply disheartened by the tragedy which occurred in Las Vegas on Oct. 1, 2017.  Such barbarity can no longer be tolerated in our country.  We feel that the first step to solving the problem of gun violence which plagues our nation is opening up the conversation to a myriad of different perspectives.  The following is a compilation of some of our staff’s reactions.

How does something like this happen? What happened to humanity that we have reached this point of no return? When did going to concerts become dangerous? This country needs to come together, but we can’t only come together, we have to stick together. Now we need to unite and stay united. – Camila Angola

Talking about tragedies like these can never convince the violators to stop and think about their actions, but instead taking action can. I myself cannot blame the ‘talkers’, because although I do not talk about it, I think about it, and that does not help the affected either.  I often think about how I can help, and maybe being aware of these events shows some respect to the victims. – Neha Badade

If someone could do this horrible a thing for no apparent reason, especially if they kill themselves in the end, then what is to stop someone else from doing the same thing, maybe killing even more people this time? – Joshua Chait

There are no words that can take back the lives that were taken Sunday night, but what makes the situation worse is that there are several people who are looking for ties to ISIS and Islam, simply so they can name Stephen Paddock a terrorist.  This only results in more and more division within our nation, and that’s the last thing that we need at the moment. – Cristina Diaz

The bullets didn’t care about what they wanted, they didn’t care about families, about lives, or even about plans later that evening. They just did what they were supposed to do; kill. I can’t fully immerse myself in activities I used to find myself completely engrossed in. That guy sitting next to me in the theater, bending down to grab something? He’s probably grabbing his gun. I shouldn’t have to go to an event with my younger sister and have my first thought be how am I going to get her to safety if someone begins to shoot.  I shouldn’t have to be afraid, but I am. – Emma Gampper

I feel hopeless because from the past I know nothing is going to happen and another mass shooting may be in America’s future. – Emane Haque

The victims of this shooting stretch far beyond just those 550 people who were killed/injured.  Every single person who lost their life in the massacre has friends, and family, and hundreds of other people who love and care for them.  The true number of victims in this horrid mass murder stretches beyond thousands.  Each and every death is like a drop into the ocean, its effects rippling into waves that knock down more people that can be counted. – Megan Leung

The government’s, particularly President Trump’s, response to this shooting, the worst mass shooting in modern American history, is eerily pre-programmed and terribly derelict.  It is almost comical—it is like he is sitting in a control room filled with buttons of different actions he could take, different bills he could pass, calls to action he could give to Congress, reflections he could make on gun control and mental health and terrorism, and yet he chooses the big red button that says “send thoughts and prayers.” – Sarah Hudes

Whatever defense lobbyists or congressmen give, they cannot bring back someone’s dead mother, father, sister, brother, daughter or son.  If they can, then let me know.  Until then, work on finding a solution. – Rafeea Tamboli


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