By: Camila Angola and Elizabeth Jamison


Marvel is expected to release many highly anticipated movies, including Thor: Ragnarok (November 3rd), Black Panther (2018), Avengers: Infinity War (2018), and Ant Man & the Wasp (2018).

One movie that Marvel fans are particularly anxious about is Avengers: Infinity War.  The movie will follow four years after the last Guardians of the Galaxy movie, so fans are eager to see their favorite Guardians reappear on screen.  The Avengers, which were torn apart in the last Captain America movie, will also make an appearance as they join forces with the Guardians of the Galaxy, to defeat the dreaded Thanos.

If Thanos is a stranger to you, here are some fun facts to summarize him.  He is a villain who possess the superhuman physiology of all Eternals (a species that possess extraordinary powers and longer lifespans than regular humans).  This superpower grants him superhuman strength, reflexes, endurance, and agility.  Thanos can create a psionic blast of energy as well as a blast of plasma energy from his hands and eyes.  Basically he’s a scary and super powerful guy.

In Infinity War, Thanos is trying to collect all of the Infinity stones.  The Infinity Stones possess infinite power and knowledge.  There are 6 Infinity Stones: soul, time, space, mind, reality, and power.  All six stones have made appearances in past marvel movies.

Another movie coming out soon is Thor: Ragnarok. This movie takes place after Avengers: Age of Ultron.  Thor goes back to Asgard and the Hulk disappears, but in an odd turn of events the two heroes reunite in the upcoming Thor movie.  In Thor: Ragnarok Thor is imprisoned on a planet on the other side of the universe without his mighty hammer.  His mission is to return to Asgard to stop Hela, who will unleash the apocalypse‒Ragnarok.  Hela’s debut in the Marvel universe is a thrill for many fans.

Hela is the Asgardian goddess of death and with some sick and twisted hobbies such as wreaking havoc and destruction.  Some of her powers include superhuman strength, telepathy, and time travel.  Fans aren’t quite sure how Thor is going to defeat Hela, since she has much more strength than him and can toy with  life spans and reincarnate whoever she wants.

If you’re a huge fan of Marvel movies, you may have already been aware of these movies before Marvel even publicly announced them.  If you want to be aware of the future Marvel movies, you can keep a lookout for the foreshadowing clips after the ending credits of each movie.  This clip generally provides comic relief, and resolves any small conflicts that may have appeared during the film.  Perhaps the most significant clip by far is the one in Avengers: Age of Ultron, which hinted at Thanos’ desire for the Infinity Stones.  The clip shows Thanos growing tired at the lack of progress in his crusade to get the Infinity stones.

Although there will always be excitement for highly anticipated movies, Marvel fans exemplify real dedication.  Especially since the movies tie together in one way or another, Marvel definitely leaves their enthusiasts something to look forward to, in the future.

Especially since they all tie together one way or another, and at the end come together to bring a single movie featuring the majority of the heroes that have been hitting the big screen these past couple of years.



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