After seeing Matt and Kim live, I am sure of one thing—energy is everything.   The indie dance duo played some of their older classics, like “Daylight” and “It’s Alright,” as well as some new singles from their soon-to-be released album New Glow in front of an eager crowd of 300 people, and as I watched, I was unable to stand still.  The band emitted a sort of contagious enthusiasm; the way the members gave every bit of effort they had to their performance made everyone watching want to join in.

About a month later, New Glow was released, and though I had been anticipating it for a while, I was also a bit apprehensive.  Could Matt and Kim really convey the same energy in the music without their enthusiastic stage presence?

They most definitely did.  A super-charged, happy-go-lucky collection of songs, New Glow is everything that Matt and Kim fans could ask for.  The album starts out strong with “Hey Now,” a crowd pleaser accompanied by a funky trumpet pattern and a foot-tapping beat.  If this song doesn’t have listeners hooked, nothing will.

Though the entire album maintains this lighthearted, carefree vibe, it is never  boring.  Matt and Kim artfully weave in hints of variation in musical style, whether it be the laid-back swagger of “Hoodie On” or the sugary new-wave melody of “Make a Mess,” the duo is always introducing a little something new.

In spite of their dabbling in new genres, one of Matt and Kim’s greatest successes in their new album ability to stay completely true to who they are—the punky, offbeat duo that every fan knows and loves.  From their breakout album Grand (2009) to New Glow and every song in between, Matt and Kim have not changed, but rather evolved into unique powerhouse musicians. The only thing I want now is to find out the next trick up their sleeves.

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