This year has marked the end of lots of TV shows we’ve grown to love.  So for those who are not quite ready to let go, we’ve got a few shows that are sure to expedite your recovery.

If you liked Parks And Recreation, check out Brooklyn Nine Nine

Parks and Recreation has sadly come to an end, marking the end of a rich era of comedic “mockumentaries.”  Luckily, Brooklyn Nine Nine (which actually has the same creators) is here to keep audiences laughing.  The show is about a police station and like Parks and Rec, each character has a quirky personality to keep viewers on their toes.   Andy Samberg carries the show with his wit and charm.  The first few episodes are a little rocky, but the second season has been practically flawless. From “No-No lists” to “Doug Judy – the Pontaic Bandit,” this comedic cop show will always leave you smiling.


If you liked The Colbert Report, check out John Oliver

Before we even finished mourning the loss of The Colbert Report, Jon Stewart hit on the feels with the sad news he will soon be departing.  Now it’s time to put the tissue boxes away and make room for Last Week Tonight With John Oliver.  Oliver has won Emmys for his writing on The Daily Show, so if you’re looking for the same type of comedy, you’ve come to the right place.  Oliver presents the news in a funny but not satirical manner, hashing out what happened the week before.  The show runs an entire 30 minutes without ads, and Oliver is never afraid to insert passion into his delivery, making this more of a comedy and not really a news show.  While Oliver isn’t Colbert or Stewart, he’s actually pretty hilarious once you push past the fact that this is a British guy talking about American issues.  The satirical news outlets we knew and loved will always hold a place in our hearts, but for now Oliver is a good substitute.


If you liked Newsroom, check out House of Cards

This hidden-treasure drama came to an end this past year, but have no fear: there’s another to fill the void.  House of Cards is a show exclusive to online-streaming service Netflix, which has just recently released the third season.  The riveting series follows Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey), a ruthless power figure similar to Newsroom’s Will McAvoy who works in the U.S. government.  When Frank is snubbed for a promotion to Secretary of State, he and his wife Claire resolve to gain more power (and vengeance) by whatever means necessary, no matter how underhanded or manipulative.  The result is a show full of intriguing characters, conniving power plays, and an insightful exploration of both the press and politics—certainly elements that any Newsroom fan will appreciate.


If you liked White Collar, check out Suits

White Collar was always around to provide a mix of humor and drama, but now viewers have been forced to move on.  Suits is the perfect rebound series;  it tells the stories of genius/drug dealer Mike Ross, who suddenly finds himself in the intense world of a leading New York law firm—minus the requisite Harvard law degree.  The show is reminiscent of White Collar: there’s the charming yet somewhat immoral leading man, and each episode contrasts tense situations with comedic banter between characters whom you can’t help but love.  There are also plenty of exhilarating takedown scenes and clever strategies to fill any void left by the end of Neal Caffrey’s ordeals.  If you love White Collar, give Suits a try, and you’ll soon be just as hooked.


If you liked Glee, check out Empire

There are many devoted Glee fans mourning the end of this beloved musical drama series, and to ease the loss, we recommend checking out FOX’s new series Empire.  This show is another musical drama, but it follows Empire Enterprises, a hip-hop music company, and the power struggles within the family that owns the company.  Starring the accomplished Terrence Howard (Crash) and Oscar-nominee Taraji P. Henson (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button), the show combines a great amount of both business and relationship drama with impressive hip hop and R&B songs—a little different from high school tension and show tunes but equally enjoyable.  Following its promising start, Empire has been renewed for a second season, and hopefully this one will stick around to fill that Glee-shaped gap.


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