Greg Buggé, the AP US History teacher, has decided to cancel spring break in order to accommodate his sprawling curriculum. Due to the proliferation of No Homework nights, Buggé has found it difficult to cover all the material set to be assessed on the AP test in May.

“The No Homework nights are impeding the AP curriculums,” he told us. “We already have many snow days that won’t be made up until after the AP tests are over, PARCC testing has taken out valuable class time, and these No Homework nights are further deterring our students from performing at the best of their ability on the AP test.” Students will be staying overnight for five days during the week of spring break in order to maximize instructional time.

Another AP teacher, who wishes to remain anonymous, said, “I think Mr. Buggé is doing all that he can to carry out his role as a teacher. We are here to make sure our students learn and do well on the AP test, and it seems like the administration is going against us by enforcing No Homework Nights.”

Students have expressed radically different feelings. Asked about No Homework nights, sophomore Rochelle Li said, “It’s like an oasis in a sea of assessments and stress.”
Buggé’s students are especially concerned. “I was planning on going to Florida with my family during spring break,” junior Miriam Li said, “and now I’m afraid of falling behind in APUSH, because everyone else will be going to class.” Li is reluctantly canceling her trip in order to attend to Buggé’s additional classes. Like a true knight, she has made a noble sacrifice for the sake of her education.
Sophomore Ryan Zhang also expressed disapproval of the supplementary instruction, saying, “I think that if Mr. Buggé picked up the pace of his teaching during the first semester and went through the textbook chapters more quickly, we wouldn’t need to have extra classes over break.” Zhang believes that a busier work schedule could easily resolve the problems Buggé is facing.

While the rest of us excitedly await the arrival of spring break, Buggé’s APUSH students are working hard. “If the students really focus,” Buggé said, “they might make it home in time for Easter.”

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