If you were a student at North last year, you probably witnessed the tremendous number of Knights Admirers posts, some of them cute, some of them funny and some of them just plain creepy. If you use only Twitter, you’ve probably seen the anonymous accounts trashing people and spreading gossip. There have been multiple accounts like this—some of which have been deleted and some of which are still up. They’re all pretty similar: A nice break from studying for those who don’t receive messages and a source of creepiness for those who do.

Receiving something anonymously is always creepy, and it’s even worse when people are saying something hurtful. Sure, a compliment or two can be nice, but after a while, you just get a little weirded out. Plus, if a person finds out who sent them all the messages, they’ll generally be more annoyed than flattered.

On an anonymous Twitter account that surfaced in February, gossip, whether true or not, came pouring onto the Internet. Some students watched and laughed, while others dealt with unnecessary drama. Many of the posts left students with hurt feelings. Accounts like these only cause drama and really aren’t funny.

Saying something anonymously is cowardly. It’s not like the person receiving the message has the ability to defend himself or herself. Plus things tend to come off a little worse on the Internet. “This is who you think it is” will always sound unnerving on the telephone—but when you see it anonymously on Facebook, it feels like the equivalent of a note made out of magazine letters.

It’s time for North students to steer clear of anonymous accounts. People who are receiving the public messages don’t not want them, and the senders should probably try to work up the audacity to talk to someone in real life. Or should I say “irl.”

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