As the spring season approaches, one of North’ top athletes is preparing to build on a stellar winter track season.

Senior distance runner Kian Jackson, one of the fastest in High School North’s history, reached the pinnacle of High School track. n February, Jackson qualified for the New Jersey Meet of Champions after a stellar winter track season. Jackson qualified for the meet at sectionals, and was thrilled to experience running at such a competitive level. “it was very exciting,” Jackson recalled.

Jackson was North’s only runner to make the Meet of Champions, which is the New Jersey state indoor track championship. According to coach Brian Gould, the team usually sends anywhere from one to several athletes to the Meet of Champions, based on who qualifies for specific events.

Gould attributes Jackson’s success to Jackson’s demeanor as an athlete. “He is fearless. He’s not afraid to risk failure to try to get ahead and win a race.” Gould also stated that Jackson has improved the way he trains, both in the summer months and during the season.

Jackson’s tall frame also adds to his pace: “I take longer strides because of it,” Jackson explained. The longer strides allow him to cover more ground on each step, whereas other runners may not be able to cover the same amount of distance per stride.

In the spring season, Jackson hopes to finish races stronger, admitting that when he nears the end of a race, he “starts to slow down.” Additionally, Jackson hopes to return to the Meet of Champions, something he has proven he is more than capable of accomplishing.

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