—By Julia Bannon & Elise Gorberg—

Ah, the Oscars.  For the last 87 years, this award show has been the pinnacle of cinematic glory for actors, directors, and moviegoers alike.  For those watching, whether it be in the star-studded audience or from an equally glamorous seat on the couch, emotions are bound to be running high on one coveted Sunday each year.  This time, you probably cried tears of joy when Eddie Redmayne reveled in the glory of his first Oscar, and you might have sulked when Boyhood didn’t win Best Picture.  Regardless of your movie picks, here are five Oscar moments from Sunday that probably left you in tears.


  1. When you realized Jared Leto is, and always will be, more beautiful than you.

His hair is nice, his eyes are twinkling, he’s wearing Givenchy.  Goodbye world.


2.)When Patricia Arquette used her speech to advocate for women’s equality

It’s comforting to know that Meryl Streep is with us in our movement to take down the patriarchy.  Tears of joy for this one.


3.) When Graham Moore talked about his suicide attempt and reminded us that it’s okay to be weird.

Like really?  You had to do that to my emotions?


4.) Glory.


If Chris Pine AND David Oyelowo cried on TV in front of a billion people, chances are you did too, in the comfort of your living room.


5.) When your Google search told you that Lupita Nyong’o’s dress was literally hand made out of over 6,000 real pearls.

Everything you’ll ever want and never have.  Lupita for President.

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