After losing 11 seniors last year, the fragmented boys’ and girls’ swim teams have done a lot of catching up, with the girls finishing with a 5-7 record and the boys at 6-5.

But the team was impressed with many of the swimmers who showed up at try-outs.  “A lot of returning swimmers were caught off-guard when we saw how fast these newcomers swam during swim tryouts,” junior Nick Ding said.  Lanes four, five and six are designated to the fastest swimmers, but the lanes are becoming crowded due to the sheer number of new recruits.

Coach Cheryl Reca said she had to make several cuts during try-outs for the boys’ and girls’ teams.  She cited juniors Hana and Sho Kato, who transferred here this year from Belgium, as some of the fastest new recruits.  But according to senior captain Francesca Dong, there are a lot of fast club swimmers—indeed, the girls’ team outperformed South for the first time in 15 years at the state tournament on February 5, winning first place in all three relays.

“Some are Olympians that straight popped out of the womb,” senior Julian Fonseca added.  “There are others who have unmarked potential.”

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