Senior year is different than any other year in high school: not only does it mark the final days of our adolescence, but it is also the time to apply to colleges and move forward in life.  Most North students have several colleges they hope to get into for various reasons, but it seems that quite a few have an aversion toward Rutgers University.  I simply don’t understand this mentality.

Naviance stats show that many students actually do apply to Rutgers.  In fact, 1193 students from North and South between 2012 and 2014 have applied and been accepted.  However, 801 students denied their acceptance.  While there is a fair number of people who have enrolled, the number of people who denied their acceptance is high compared to other schools listed on Naviance.

There is a misconception that Rutgers is not challenging in terms of academics since many students from this district are accepted.  However, Rutgers’ acceptance rate is about 60%.  While this rate is higher than that of other prestigious schools, keep in mind that 40% of the people who apply do not get accepted.  In other words, being accepted is definitely not something that should be taken for granted.

One other detail about Rutgers that people fail to recognize is that it isn’t smooth sailing right after you are accepted.  Each of my siblings have attended or are currently attending Rutgers, and they’ve all told me that the workload is really heavy.  I’ve been told that if I end up at Rutgers, I’ll have to dedicate a lot of my time to studying.

Speaking of studying, Rutgers offers a variety of educational opportunities.  The university will open a new residential Honors College in 2015, just in time for this year’s senior class.  The Honors College will provide an environment for students to learn in-depth thinking with an accelerated curriculum.

The Center for World University ranks Rutgers as the 33rd best university in the world.  The Rutgers website points out that the college is a part of the Association of American Universities because of its renowned research.

This school definitely offers a lot to its students.  It has over 100 majors and is flexible with students who are undecided about their career path when they first attend.  In addition, Rutgers invites companies to visit campus, so students have opportunities to get internships or even permanent jobs after graduation.

If this article doesn’t convince you that Rutgers is an excellent school, then go online and sign up for a tour to find out for yourself.

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