In June, the Class of 2014 graduated from North and embarked on a new chapter of their lives.  Often times, that month is the last time a lot of current students see or hear from a majority of a graduated class.  So it’s always interesting to find out what the recent graduates have gotten up to since leaving high school.

College is still a fairly new reality for the Class of 2014. However, the positives so far heavily outweigh the negatives.  “College is amazing. Already one of the best experiences of my life,” said New York University freshman Lev Gedrich.

Gedrich is majoring in finance and global business and minoring in computer science.  He is also a member of Stern’s Investment Analysis Group and other clubs.

Speaking of clubs, colleges offer a lot of opportunities to their students.  “The opportunities I have gotten in college are never ending!  So many clubs and organizations are out there for you and you can join as many as you want.  Wherever you go, you will most definitely find your place,” said Sacred Heart University freshman Marguerite Girandola.

Girandola is majoring in communications in hopes of getting involved with public relations and marketing in the future.  She is a part of the dance company, a member of a sorority, a candidate for student government, and co-event planner for the Republicans Club.

While their lives seem exciting in college, these alumni still miss high school a lot.  “The one thing I probably miss about high school is definitely Spirit Week and Homecoming, since it’s such an awesome bonding experience for each grade,” said University of Michigan freshman Caroline Sharp.

“The thing I miss most about high school is probably how close everyone is and how accessible the teachers are,” said University of California Berkeley freshman Felix Su.

Our time in high school is very limited, and the Class of 2014 certainly know not to take it for granted.  “My advice is don’t stress too much, have fun and enjoy high school,” said TCNJ freshman Vachana Vegirouthu.

“I’d advise current high school students to find what they love, and focus on building the skills they want to grow rather than trying to pad their application,” added University of Chicago freshman Sagar Tikoo.

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