Pati D.-Indiana State U

“I feel very lucky that I’ve had such amazing coaches and such a supportive team to help me grow as an athlete so I’m very excited about running next year to continue improving and even though I’ll miss everyone here I’m excited to make new memories with my new team. As for my thoughts on my career at north, coach Gould always says we should try to leave the program better than we found it so I hope with my passion for track and our team I was able to leave my mark on the program and hopefully encourage some of the younger runners to also do the same so the team gets stronger each year.”

Simone Counts- Howard U

I am so excited to continue track next year and I am looking forward to all of the exciting opportunities to improve and contribute to the team.  My athletic career has been an amazing experience, I have learned so much about not only being a good athlete, but a great leader and person.  I will miss all my teammates and coaches so much and  want them to know that without them, I would not be the person I am today.

Sam Praveen-NYU

I feel really excited to have such a great opportunity to be part of a great team where I’ll fit on and be able to contribute to and to be able to continue to improve myself as a runner and a leader.

Tipu Shah – Trinity

“I’m happy I have to opportunity to play next year, but it’s gonna take a lot of work to get to the next level.”

Olivia Harpel-Northwestern

“I was told to make sure lacrosse was something I could do every day for four years without getting sick of it.  That’s when I knew I wanted to play in college.  It’s a tremendous honor and dream of mine to play for Coach Kelly as a wildcat and I couldn’t be more excited for what’s ahead”

Isha Singh- Williams

“I’m extremely excited to have been given the opportunity to play a sport I love for another four years and I can’t wait to learn the game all over again in a new way with a new team.”

Eva Boal- MIT

“Lacrosse has always been a big part of my life.  I couldn’t imagine my life without it, so when I had the opportunity to play next year,  had t take it.  North lacrosse is a close knit, hilarious team and we have been through a lot together.  It will be had to leave it next month.”

Anahita P.-Emerson

“I am super excited to play in college because I really could not picture myself not playing softball anymore. I can’t wait to meet new people and to keep playing the sport I love. School ball has been interesting but I mean I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s been fun and as much as I can’t wait to move on these girls are girls I have grown up playing with and it’ll be different not having them on my team next year.

Madeline Day- Cornell

“I’m incredibly excited to row in college next year, and I’m so grateful for the athletic foundation that high school rowing has given me for my future at Cornell. Although I haven’t been rowing for too long, the sport has become very important to me; something about rowing teaches you relentlessness, how to push yourself both physically and academically, which is a skill I want to keep developing for the next four years and beyond.”

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