Aside from robbing a bank, there are few ways to easily put a little cash in your pocket.  For teenagers, summer jobs are a longstanding tradition to earn consistent pay.  Because the school year is the busiest time of the year, it can be difficult to find time for a job.  With the summer coming up, we’ve compiled a list of not-so-terrible ways to spend your summer and earn some cash.  Here are our top five.

1. Camp Counselor

Often regarded as a fairly easy job with tons of perks, camp counseling can be an excuse to run around with kids and get paid.  It’s a fairly stable job because it lasts all summer, gives reliable pay, and often provides food for employees.  And you can tell colleges about all the leadership qualities you picked up along the way..

Options: Princeton Friends Summer Camp, Rambling Pines

2. Lifeguard

Once you pass the course and get certified, lifeguarding can be simple.  Sit, tan, make sure nobody drowns, repeat. Easy enough, right? Lifeguarding pays minimum wage; however, there are a lot of available shifts, so you can essentially work as many hours as you want.  It’s convenient, with virtually no commute (depending on where you work) and is often pretty flexible.

Options: Sparkling Pools, Water Works

3. Golf Course Caddy

With a higher, solid pay and flexible hours, being a caddy definitely isn’t half bad.  It can also be advantageous because you make a lot of connections working for influential people.  Your one summer job can end up supporting your future and providing endless networking opportunities.  Being a caddy is also beneficial to your health and body:  you walk an average of four miles per round of golf.

Options: Cranbury Golf Club, Gambler’s Ridge

4. Retail Sales

This job made our list because of the above average pay and relative simplicity.  It is also a great way to gain people skills and make new friends.  For someone who has an interest in fashion and trends, retail sales would be a perfect fit.  Plus it comes with discounts and other “employee bonuses.”

Options: American Eagle, Target

5. Tutor

Being a tutor is a great way to retain your knowledge as well as gain good karma from helping others. Being a good Samaritan pays well.  If you tutor independently, you can charge as much as you want by the hour.  Along with  solid pay, having mastered the subject you tutor in should make the job easier.  It’s good for the mind, good for the soul, and good for the wallet.

Options: Kumon Learning Center

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