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Not Your Basic Pumpkin Spice Latte

By: Emane Haque & Megan Leung There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the occasional pumpkin spice latte, but after a while, its overly sweet and its disappointingly-mild pumpkin taste is bound to old. However, there’s more to the pumpkin-spice life than just lattes. There are many nearby small businesses that offer atypical pumpkin-based foods you can enjoy as the fall season […]

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Five ways to get a 10/10 on a Harkness Table

By: Shubham Saharan Harkness tables are an essential part of the high school experience.  But in many ways they are some sick form of torture—forcing together a class full of students only to pit them against the clock and each other.  Fear not, as we at The Knightly News have come up with a foolproof system to make sure you […]

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Corell hits the Big Hundred

By: Aashika Mehta As captain of the ice hockey team, senior David Corell has an impressive attitude toward life and never fails to impress the people around him––whether to be due to his talent in sports, or his infallible respect for others. Corell worked long and hard on his skills; he began to play when he was only five years […]

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Yuen siblings swim to success

By: Aashika Mehta and Camila Angola A talented athlete is often thought of as bold and outgoing.  But few seem to realize that some athletes prefer to remain hidden in the shadows.  Senior Julia Grande is the embodiment of such an athlete. Grande is at the core of the girl’s track team.  As she journeys through the final season of […]

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Introverts in today’s society

By: Lucy Tyrell Being introverted in 2018 is considered taboo, or as Susan Cain describes in her Ted Talk, “not necessarily the right way to go.”  Being an extrovert is much “preferred” by society. Extroverts have taken over our classrooms, friend groups, politics, work rooms, and other areas of business and culture.  This seizure of command by extroverts and constant […]

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North implements major changes in both curriculum and policies

By: Sarah Hudes, Rafeea Tamboli, and Aashika Mehta The 2017-2018 school year included many changes to school policies and curricula,  including the introduction of new classes such as AP Microeconomics as well as the implementation of policies like the updated library pass system. The 2018-2019 school year is going to be no different, as major changes in the math curriculum […]

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North’s new health kick: vending machines closed until after school

By: Aashika Mehta Sodexo vending machine located near the gymnasium and lower dining halls now have implemented a time-restriction only allowing drinks to be purchased after 3:00pm.  The policy was put into place for many reasons predominantly spearheaded by a complaint lodged by a parent regarding unhealthy snacks and beverages at North to try and cut-down on students roaming the […]

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Dan-Anh Hoang: transcending the world of art

By: Diotima Roy Like many of us, Dan-Anh Hoang loved watching cartoons and reading comic books as a young girl.  Her passion for art stemmed from reimagining the characters she read about in different scenarios.  But by the end of middle school, Hoang was very fed up with how female characters in comics were portrayed as weak or static. Determined […]