Field hockey is a team sport.  In any team sport, communication is key, and no one knows this better than senior captain Rameen Masood.

Previously a soccer player, Masood made the switch to field hockey in eighth grade after being introduced to it by a friend, and never looked back.  Four years later, she has helped lead the team through many successful games, showing them the dedication and support that one might expect from a close friend.

Masood plays defense, and being on the defensive side of the team means that she needs to be able to communicate well with other players on the field.  “Masood is a quiet communicator which makes her a very effective defensive player,” said field hockey coach Paula Tessein.  “Masood uses that quiet confidence to time when to swoop in on an attacker and steal the ball.”  This stealthy performance on the field allows Masood to contribute to the team’s many wins, including its victory over South earlier this season.

While being a strong player is important, Masood also excels as a captain, and as a member of the team.  She takes her responsibilities, which include psyching the team up for games and keeping the girls motivated, very seriously.  Other players note her ability to support the team, including fellow captain Caroline Charles. She explained that Masood is a strong captain because “she knows when to have fun and when to be serious…She knows how to lead the team and keep everyone focused.”  The team responds well to her group-oriented leadership—whenever she steals the ball, they can be heard chanting “Rams to the rescue!”

Combined with her athletic prowess, what makes Masood such an impressive athlete is her ability to balance field hockey with the other aspects of her life.  In addition to managing school and her sport, Masood is a girl scout, participates in activities with her mosque, and demonstrates leadership in multiple volunteer organizations, including TASK and the Cherry Tree Club.  In the somewhat limited free time she has, Masood plays the ukulele and spends time with her family and friends.

Just like many students, she admits that balancing such a busy life isn’t always easy.  “Sometimes it’s really difficult, because I come home late from games and I still have to do all my homework…but I’ve learned to manage it,” she said.  With her packed schedule, Masood explained that field hockey is one of the things that gets her through it.  “I like playing field hockey because I like escaping school and all the problems that I have.  When I’m on the field I don’t remember anything else but playing field hockey,” she said.

Although she is unsure about playing field hockey in college, her contributions in high school are bound to be remembered years after she leaves.  Her devotion to the team, upbeat nature and “quiet confidence” have made her one of the team’s biggest assets, valued highly by teammates and coach alike.

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