The best way to remedy any stressful situation is through a calm disposition; however, when stressors accumulate, all hope can appear lost.  In these times of trouble, assistance is almost a necessity, especially when the problem concerns knowledge that is foreign to you.  In every instance of confusion caused by computers, Bernard Lendor brings with him a jovial, calming personality to help solve the problem.

Lendor, one of WW-P’s computer support technicians, moves from school to school answering calls for help.  “The biggest thing I like about being a tech is the ability to go from place to place and have satisfied customers everywhere I go,” Lendor said.  “Most jobs don’t have that instant gratification of fixing something.”

Unfortunately, every technological problem is different, whether it’s the way it must be fixed or how the problem arose.  “What I love about technology is that you cannot go into a problem with a predetermined view on how to fix it, because there is always something that will be sent your way that does not agree with the logic,”  Lendor said.

Lendor mentioned an occasion when one computer exhibited a constant, unusual noise from within; nonetheless, it seemed to be no problem out of the ordinary.  Upon further inspection, however, Lendor discovered the incessant noise came from a mouse inside the computer.  No routine reboot would have fixed that problem.

After running from building to building and working two jobs every day, the second as a database administrator, Lendor spends the rest of his time relaxing at home.  As a lover of New York sports teams, Lendor likes to sit down on his couch and watch TV after work.

When you’re trying to print your paper but the computers won’t turn on, Lendor is the happy man fixing them.  All of those mysterious work tickets that teachers send in for their idle computers do not just float off into space never to be seen again, and their computers are not just magically fixed the next day.  It all runs through Bernard Lendor, the man to thank for our functioning technology.
“In any job it’s important that you love what you do,” Lendor said, and our district is lucky that he loves this job.

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