Physical Education teacher Beth Serughetti seems like many other Phys-Ed teachers across the country: she teaches both gym and health classes and coaches a school sport. Anyone who comes to know her, however, quickly realizes that what sets her apart is her unrelenting passion for anything and everything she aspires to do.

As a coach, Serughetti combines her rich experience with lacrosse and her love of the sport to consistently help her girls succeed: “We couldn’t ask for a more passionate coach. She has put so much time and effort into the season, whether it’s taking time to go over plays, watch film, scope out the other team,” senior captain Alex Hendry said. Serughetti has coached lacrosse for 14 seasons, earning a record of 177-64-2. “The first time I played organized sports was in eighth grade,” Serughetti said. “I loved the competitiveness, and I loved the team aspect.” Serughetti said she “worked her way up” from being one of the weaker players on her team to being one of the strongest.

Serughetti often has to make sacrifices for her coaching responsibilities, further attesting to her commitment to her team and the sport: “She has a son of her own, and she’s always bringing him everywhere. She spends almost all of her free time doing whatever she can for the team. She really makes lacrosse her first priority,” junior Morgan Hendry said.

Additionally, Serughetti has helped many of her players earn recruitment to some of the nation’s top college lacrosse programs. Over the past few years, for example, both Olivia Harpel, who graduated last year, and her sister, Carli, a junior, have been recruited to play at Northwestern University, a renowned Division I program. Carli Harpel said Serughetti has made the process much easier, stating that “she has always supported me, and she has helped me to develop a strong and positive recruiting process.” Serughetti herself played lacrosse at The College of New Jersey, and went 61-0 during her time at the school, winning four national championships in the process.

As a health teacher, Serughetti strives to pass on the message that everyone can be healthy: “It takes time, but everyone is capable of making healthy choices, and finding the right choices that work for them,” Serughetti said. Her health classes celebrate national Food Day each fall; each student brings in a healthy snack and shares it with the class.

Her combination of experience and passion makes Serughetti a valuable member of the North community, both on the field and in the classroom.

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