With the football season over, the athletics scene has turned to winter sports such as basketball.  One person who certainly stands out on the court is girls’ varsity basketball captain Taylor Strype, who serves as the point guard.

Though the girls’ basketball team had five losses in the beginning of the season, it managed to turn everything around with four consecutive wins later on.  As a co-captain of the team, Strype operates like an extension of coach Bob Boyce, keeping the team together on the court.  “Taylor is my leader.  She is very good at keeping the girls together, keeping them organized, and is very knowledgeable about what we do,” Boyce said.

The girls on the team definitely agree that Strype is a good captain.  “Taylor is extremely supportive and approachable.  The younger girls love her and she gives them every reason to.  I love being captain with Taylor,” said co-captain Sarah Carlen, a senior.

The girls’ basketball team works very hard.  A lot of the girls come to practice early in order to practice their skills.  Practices consist of different types of drills to help improve skills like dribbling and shooting.  “Everyone on the team works extremely hard every day not only to get themselves better but to help our team get better,” Strype said.

Strype started playing basketball early in her life when her parents signed her up for a travel team in elementary school.

During games, Strype’s friends usually hold up signs with her name on them to cheer her on.  “Taylor is one of my best friends, and I know it boosts her up to hear some cheers for her,” senior Sam Sun said.  “It can be really hard for most girl athletes because attendance for basically any female sport is low, but that doesn’t mean these fantastic female athletes deserve any less support.  It’s honestly so much fun going, and if being a total goofball in the stands for Taylor helps her to crack a smile in even the toughest games, it’s worth it.”

Strype’s friends express a lot of support for her, and pretty much all of them agree that she has admirable personality traits.  “I’ve known her my whole life,” senior Leigh Calotta said.  “She has a big heart and is a great friend.  She always supports me in what I do, and I love to do the same for her.  She is silly and fun, but when she’s on the basketball court or the soccer field, she is determined and committed.”

In the fall, Strype plays soccer, and she’s started for the varsity team all four years of high school.  Strype, who also plays travel soccer outside of school, captains the soccer team, which enjoyed a successful 2014 season.  “She really helps the underclassmen who are new to positions,” said Saachi Bedi, who plays soccer alongside Strype.  “She teaches by institution and by her work ethic.  She’s not only talented but also passionate.  She makes it a point to become close to every girl on the team.”

Besides basketball and soccer, Strype is a very active person.  She participates in a community service group, works at Redberry, and studies hard in school.  She plans to attend Lehigh University in the fall.
But for now, Strype’s focused on the basketball team.  “Before every game, Coach Boyce says we need to forget about all the games we’ve played and are going to play and go 1-0 today,” Strype said.  “My goal is to try to go 1-0 for the rest of the games this season.”

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