“All of our games have been very close,” senior boys’ basketball captain Kevin Murphy said.  The Knights started the season 0-10, and have struggled to find success thus far.  But the score in many of the games came down to just a few points: a missed free-throw or two, a sloppy lapse in defense, or just not enough confidence on the court.

According to Murphy, confidence is all the team needs.  “We have some easier teams coming up, so we should be gaining some wins and some confidence,” Murphy said.  “It’ll help us understand what it takes in the close situations and hopefully execute better down the stretch.”

Junior Patrick Zeoli said it’s more a matter of making fewer mistakes.  “We have been shooting a terrible percentage and haven’t been making our foul shots.  If we start improving those things, we will start to win,” Zeoli said.

But there is an apparent threshold that the team aims to reach—that which separates the games they should have won from the games that they eventually will win—that they haven’t yet crossed.
Whether it’s confidence or discipline that will end their losing streak, the threshold won’t be reached unless something changes.  According to Murphy, the team needs to beat some of its weaker opponents, and then use that success to push forward.  “If we pick up a few wins, it’ll help us understand what it takes in the close situations and how to execute better down the stretch, Murphy said.

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