—by Zehra Madhavan & Ally Santa Maria—

Orange is the New Black

Drugs, crime, assault, sex…if you want it, you’ve got in the popular Netflix series.  It centers around Piper Chapman, a woman who was placed in prison for a year after the drug dealer who she had worked with years before threw her under the bus.  The show is completely binge-worthy, with its cliff-hanger endings and quirky characters.  By the end of the second episode, you will have decided whom you love and whom you hate, and by the fourth, all of your opinions will have twisted inside out.  Whether it’s Crazy Eye’s  oddly charming personality, or Red sneaking yogurt to girls she likes, you’re bound to find something you enjoy about the show.  Just be ready to scream “no spoilers” every time you hear the word “orange.”

Freaks and Geeks

If you think Seth Rogen and James Franco are hilarious, be prepared to immerse yourself into the one and only season of Freaks and Geeks this break.  Revolving around two siblings and their social lives in a stereotypical high school, the show contains equal measures of drama and humor .  Plus, it is only one season, which makes it an even better show to watch in one sitting.

Bob’s Burgers

This is by far the most underrated animated show.  Bob Belcher has always believed in his burgers and runs a burger shop with his wife and three kids.  The show revolves around the family, and you are bound to fall in love with Tina, Louise and Gene, all of whom are super- weird.  The show is five seasons long, and be warned that there is an autistic joke in the first episode. But as time goes on, you will soon feel like you are a part of the Belcher family.

Doctor Who

Calling all sci-fi lovers and self-professed nerds: this is the show for you.  Doctor Who follows the adventures of an alien time-traveler called “The Doctor” and his quirky, lovable companions as they get tangled up in situations across time and space.  Yes, it’s a bit ridiculous, but the seven-season show is sure to make you feel for and fall in love with the characters.  Doctor Who is completely worth the effort despite the slow start, so get ready to be hooked.

Gilmore Girls

A recent addition to Netflix streaming, this comedy drama is the perfect show to binge-watch this winter.  Gilmore Girls tells the touching story of a single mother and her teenage daughter who live in Stars Hollow, Connecticut, the archetypal small town.  The show largely focuses on relationships like the family dynamic, and each episode features countless witty, sassy lines and puns that are especially entertaining.  All seven seasons are available to stream, so binge-watching this show is even easier.


This renowned show centers around a motley group of people as they struggle together to survive after their plane crashes on an apparently deserted island.  Full of suspenseful storylines and plot twists, Lost is the perfect series to plow through this break.  There are also plenty of intriguing mysteries and complex characters throughout the show, and most of the time, casual viewers turn into hardcore fanatics by the end of it all.  If you want to join a new fandom this break, be sure to add Lost to your Netflix queue.

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