High School North is certainly a unique school,  because of the students’ drive to excel in extracurricular activities. In such a competitive setting, one person who goes above and beyond is North field hockey player Sam Sun.

Sun, who plays midfield, is an important contributor to the team’s attacking success.  “Sam reads the field well, she knows when to switch the field, and she has a great pass,” said field hockey captain Leigh Calotta, a senior.  “Her strengths really add to our team play.”

Sun started playing field hockey in seventh grade.  In sixth grade, one of her student teachers was Ms. Voorhees, the former freshman field hockey coach, and she encouraged Sun to play.

While she plays a major role in the team, she gives the entire team credit for its overall success.  “The accomplishments I’ve made are the accomplishments we’ve made as a team.  It is honestly difficult to remember individual success; it is when we win together and as a unit that is memorable,” Sun said.

While the field hockey team works hard, it is also really tightknit.  “Passion for field hockey goes beyond a hobby,” Sun said.  “Just like we eat, sleep and do homework, we get to practice, play games and spend time with each other.  A lot of my passion does not just lie in the game itself but getting to work with some of my best friends on the field.”  Field hockey practices consist of running, shuttles, and drills.  In addition to that, Sun attends summer workouts and runs in the off-season.

Personally, Sun works well with others on the team and has a strong connection with them.  “Sam is a great teammate,” Calotta added.  “She is always a cheerleader and is such a selfless player.”

Aside from field hockey, Sun is a part of several other clubs and activities.  She is the president of the Improv Club, a peer leader, and stage manager for the musical.

Sam’s comrades in her other activities would say she is exceptional in what she does.  “Sam is always a breath of fresh air at Improv practice.  Her quick-witted jokes and scene progression make her the ideal improv-er,” said Improv member Nadia Nidam.  “She really looks out for everyone. She is an excellent peer leader,” added peer leader Alora Eisen.

And yet, despite her stellar all-round performance, Sun maintains that “there is always room to improve and grow.”

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