They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, and the year between Red and 1989, although endless and painful, made Taylor Swift’s style even more savory.

From country to pop, to even more pop and an 80’s feel, the 24 year-old has done it all– and done it all perfectly.  1989 is the kind of album where you go in feeling neutral about T-swizzle—no love, no hate—and you emerge a better Taylor Swift fan.

The album consists of 13 songs with three mostly missable bonus tracks, but despite its off songs, it’s still a fantastic album, and it’s on track to break industry records.

The only single to be fully released before the album was “Shake It Off.”  I commend Swift for her choice.  The upbeat sugar pop song loaded with 80’s style accompaniment perfectly embodies 1989 and is probably the only song, out of all those in the album, you’ll be singing in the shower.

That’s not to say the album’s only attribute is its energy.  1989 is sophisticated, and very Swift.  Boy troubles are still a major theme, but in this album, there are fewer simple, ooey-gooey love songs.  The catch “Clean” explores moving on from a romance while “You are In Love” deals with a serious relationship through a seriously stunning melody.

“Wildest Dreams” is one of Swift’s real transition tunes.  The ethereal sound is reminiscent of Lana Del Ray circa Born to Die.  The synth kicks in nicely to the already catchy song and gives Swift the style she’s really aiming for.

One thing that hasn’t changed with Swift is her ever-clever lyrics.  In an age of over sexualized and profane beats, 1989, like all her other albums, features meaningful and witty lyrics with no fear of a monologue to emphasize just how great they are.

Now, let’s be clear: five albums is a complete oeuvre for any artist.  With that said, there is no end in sight for Swift, and no one is complaining about that.  Fingers crossed that album number six will finally give us Swift the rapper.

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