On October 27, the girls’ tennis team lost their rivalry game to South, 0-5.  “We had a change up in our lineup because we were missing a player [senior Arielle Bosworth], so both doubles teams were broken apart and were playing with partners they haven’t practiced with,” senior Ruchi Vyas said.  The team fought valiantly, but was no match without one of its top players.

Another match against South was scheduled to take place on October 29, but the weather was cold and windy, with cloud cover signaling pending rain, so the game was postponed to November 3.

That day, the team lost another hard-fought match, this timeby just one point.  “Overall, I’m very satisfied with how I performed, and also how my partner and I performed together as a whole,” senior Michelle Lee said.  “We communicated well throughout the game and also had a very good game plan to follow.”

Two matches that had the crowd cheering were the doubles match featuring Nora Binder and Arielle Bosworth and Audrey Chen’s singles match.  In the doubles match, Binder did an effective job communicating, as well as instructing, while Bosworth executed shot after shot.  The opponents exchanged short rallies, and the match tested the  technique and tactics of both pairs.  Both Binder and Bosworth saved several spikes—but lost the match 5-7 3-6.  “My match with Nora was extremely close.  It was my last match of my high school career, and even though we lost, I don’t have any regrets,” says Bosworth.

In her singles match, Audrey Chen met a tough opponent, but won 6-2 2-6 6-2.  While Bosworth and Binder’s match focused on the mechanics of tennis, Chen’s focused on power and strength.  She and her opponent exchanged long rallies full of powerful strokes.  The key to this was accuracy and power control.  One weak or hard swing could result in a point for the opponent.  Still, despite the intense competition, their attitudes toward each other were very amiable, as they laughed and conversed during breaks—not as opponents, but as friends.

In the other matches, senior Kema Tuchscherer lost 4-6 2-6; Amanda Binder won 6-1 6-1; and doubles team Vyas and Lee lost 6-1 1-6 1-6.  Singles player Eva Sachar said, “I’m so proud of the girls, and we really fought our best and came close to a win, and I think this match was a really nice way to end the season.”  Although the team lost two disappointing matches to South, it finished the season with a 16-6 record. Coach Rich said, “We ended up 16-6 in win-loss results, but we lost to some of the very best teams in the state.  Overall, we had a very good season.”

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