The Club Committee has recently admitted three new clubs: the Art Club, the Manga Club, and the Japanese Animation and Music Club.  The new clubs will cater to the needs of a fresh swath of North’s student’s body.  Although the clubs might sound similar, they are unique in their own respects.

The Art Club, for instance, is very focused on creating a friendly environment for students to work on and develop their skills as artists.  The officers hold bi-weekly meetings “to teach art techniques, explore various mediums of art, work on art pieces, and brainstorm designs for murals,” sophomore Co-President Jackie Zhang said.

Although the club highlights new techniques, every member does not have to be a seasoned pro to join the club.  Part of the positive atmosphere that is created is formed from the idea that not every member will already be a master at these techniques.  “You do not have to be an amazing artist to join the club so long as you are enthusiastic and will to try new things,” sophomore member Mahima Kakani said, before adding that she can barely draw a flower.

On the other hand, the Manga Club, according to senior President Frewin Hu, aims toward many long-term goals throughout the year: to prepare for the Silent Manga Audition (an international contest for a manga without any words), to compile the club members’ works, and to attend Comic-Con at the end of the year.  Hu  hopes to eventually set up a joint fair with the Manga Club from High School South.

All of these long-term goals could be fueled only by the passion of students who live for manga.  “I do not want to be standing in a society where nothing but studies and grades matter; I just want to be passionate about what I love,” sophomore member Rebecca Yang said.

Hu believed North needed a club where the numerous fans could express their appreciation for manga in an effort to pursue long-term goals.  “There are so many Manga fanatics that I was surprised this club has not been done already,” he said.

Lastly, the Japanese Animation and Music club hopes to explore Japanese subcultures through music and animations.  “We have activities planned out where students will watch and discuss animation that is important to the Japanese animation industry,” senior Co-President Ryan Lin said.  The club focuses on teaching members about a subculture that is not very well known to the local population.

This club is unique  in that it allows each member to concentrate on a specific part of that subculture.  “A member would gain skills in arranging music, analyzing films or music, or creating animation or music, depending on what each member wants to focus on,” Lin said.  The club’s officers each specialize in a separate category, which allows members to talk with someone in the club who is already knowledgeable in a specific subject concerning Japanese animation and music.

These new clubs provide the students of North with opportunities to enhance and highlight their creativity through different expressions of art. They will likely make a visible change in our community.

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