“End on empty.”  That is the motto Homecoming Queen Christina Hayduchok lives by. Anyone who hears her résumé of activities and commitments knows that she’s certainly on track to achieve her goal.  Though Hayduchok is an active participant in field hockey, diving, Student Council, and more, the most impressive aspect about her is that she remains a genuine, kindhearted person despite her incredibly hectic and demanding lifestyle.

Hayduchok made field hockey history when she became the first freshman ever to make the varsity team, and at that point, she had only two years of experience with the sport.  She is now the varsity captain.  Hayduchok transitioned from the field position to the cage position after her freshman year, though this year she has returned to the field, where her skillful play consistently impresses.  “Christina is an excellent, explosive player,” coach Paula Tessein said.  “When she gets the ball and explodes towards cage, it is very difficult for other teams to defend.”

Hayduchok has been blessed with talent from the beginning, but her sporting capacity doesn’t end there.  She has been a starter on the varsity diving team all four years of high school.  She’s  the diving team captain and has placed in the Top 20 at states.  And she rows crew for the Mercer club team, which she cites as one of her favorite activities.

Hayduchok’s leadership skills come into play not only on the field but also around the school.  Starting out as a Student Council representative for her sophomore class, she has remained her class’s president for two consecutive years.  She is also a senior Peer Leader for the school and co-president of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) organization.  Outside of school, Hayduchok has coached gymnastics for two and a half years at Hamilton’s Gymland, where she works with boys and girls of various ages.  “My best leadership advice is that communication is key,” Hayduchok said.  “Simple communication can clear up misunderstandings and help to avoid problems, and I always make sure I am in contact with those who I am working with.”

Needless to say, Hayduchok’s schedule requires her to stay extremely organized; she keeps two separate planners—one for schoolwork and another for extracurricular and social activities.  With her calendar in check, Hayduchok’s main goal is to accomplish her tasks, and she does this in a commendable manner.  “Christina stays focused on the goal and gets it done, but you still have a fun time doing it,” said Student Council Executive Board Special Assignments Officer Naomi Shah.

Hayduchok is a familiar face to the majority of  students and faculty at North.  “I’m a people person,” Hayduchok said.  “I don’t have a lot of free time, but when I do, I like to hang out with my friends and talk to people.  I love being around others and helping them.”

Her supportive attitude shines on the field hockey field as well.  “She motivates her teammates both on and off the field.  Christina is usually one of the first players in from a run; she’ll go back out and help another player finish,” Tessein said.  Hayduchok’s friends specifically praise her ability to strike up a conversation with anyone, even strangers, and her diligence when it comes to work.  “She’s determined to get whatever task we have done,” FCA co-leader Annie Voltmer said.

Hayduchok is often asked how she keeps up with everything and why she does it all.  “I care about others, and I care about making a difference,” she said.  “I think that if you care about what you’re doing, you should be involved.  I’m lucky to have enough support that I am able to do so.”  Hayduchok credits her family and friends as her greatest support system, and they can often be seen on the sidelines of her games cheering her on.  For a recent field hockey game, a group of Hayduchok’s friends even painted her name on their stomachs and made posters to show their support.

For Hayduchok, the end result is always the most rewarding aspect of her hard work, especially with Student Council.  “During last year’s prom season, while other girls were stressing about what dresses they were going to wear, I was stressing about the logistics of the dance and whether we could pull it off!  But seeing all of our work succeed at prom really made it all worth it,” she said.

In the future, Hayduchok hopes to play club field hockey or row crew, depending on the college she attends. She is particularly interested in pursuing a career in physical therapy.  When asked whether she planned to continue participating in numerous activities in college, she said that she was considering taking a short break to focus more on the college experience.  Well, if there’s anyone who deserves a break to reload fuel, it’s Christina Hayduchok.

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