Welcome to the Knightly News Website! The Knightly News is a student-run publication that belongs to West Windsor Plainsboro High School North, in Plainsboro, NJ. Our newspaper covers a myriad of topics, whether it be school policies, reviews of music + books, personal stories, or even global issues. Please feel free to navigate this website and read through any articles. If you would like to submit anything for possible publication, please get in touch with us through email. Scroll down to meet our staff, who works endlessly to ensure a newspaper of the best caliber.

Meet the Staff:



Rafeea Tamboli is a senior and currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief of The Knightly News. She joined the newspaper in her sophomore year of high school. She wants to grow as a writer, make her opinions be heard and learn about the power of media. What Rafeea loves most about journalism is learning about new topics and interviewing people to hear their fascinating stories and opinions. Outside of writing for the newspaper, Rafeea is the Director-General of High School North’s Model United Nations team and runs her own public speaking and debate classes. In her free time, she enjoys reading, making good food, and eating good food.


While Sarah Hudes appears to be eight years old on the outside, she is actually a senior, as well as the Editor-in-Chief of the Knightly News. In Sarah’s free time, she watches movies that make her cry and knits hats that are too small for any human to wear (a true Renaissance Woman!). Sarah uses the Knightly News as a public diary and hopes you don’t mind her doing so.

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Michael Miller, a senior, is an Editor-in-Chief for The Knightly News and has been a part of the school paper since his freshman year.  He likes to interview students and community members as he gets to meet new and unexpectedly exciting people.  He also likes how the newspaper keeps him informed on both local and global issues. When not running around the school in search of a story he is either gardening or cooking more food than any human could possibly consume.


Emma Gampper is a junior and the Web Editor of The Knightly News. She has enjoyed reading and writing from a young age, and when she joined the paper in her freshman year she found a passion for journalism that she never knew existed. Now Emma is considering journalism as her future career and studied at The New York Times Summer Academy during the summer of 2018. Emma enjoys journalism because she uses it as a way to express herself and force herself out of her comfort zone. When she’s not writing she enjoys quoting dead memes, hanging out with friends, and napping.


Aashika Mehta, a junior, is serving as the Senior News Editor of The Knightly News. Being a part of the newspaper staff since her Freshman year, Aashika has learned the importance of her voice and the impact a single person can make on their community. Outside of journalism, Aashika is the Special Assignments Officer for the class of 2020’s student council, the secretary of HSN’s Key Club, a member of the track teams, as well as an officer of the South Asian American Student Association (SAASA). She enjoys watching The Bachelor, listening to music, and looking at funny animal videos in her free time. Aashika is a vegetarian.

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Emane Haque, a junior, currently serves as a News Editor for The Knightly News. After joining the paper in her sophomore year, Emane was inspired by the dedication it takes publish impactful pieces and realized she wanted to help take on the responsibility of informing others and changing the status quo for the better. In her spare time, Emane enjoys biking, attending concerts, and daydreaming when she probably shouldn’t be. 


Raymond Chang is a junior and an Opinion Editor this year. In his spare time, he enjoys writing fiction, often with a psychological twist involved. This goes hand-in-hand with Raymond’s appreciation for debate, where he occasionally becomes very passionate in his argument. In addition, Raymond enjoys adding to his ever-growing song collection and pondering lyrics. He is an 80’s rock enthusiast but is generally open-minded in terms of music taste. Raymond’s interests are not solely confined to humanities, however, as he is also interested in AI.



Megan Leung is a junior at North, and the Senior Arts and Review Editor for The Knightly News. She started writing for the paper her sophomore year and immediately fell in love with both the rewarding process of contributing to the paper and the familial atmosphere created by the wonderful staff. If she is not working on an article for the paper, you can find her reading books, watching movies, swimming, or drinking way too much bubble tea.


Pranav Nair is a junior and an Arts and Review Editor for the Knightly News. He joined the paper to further his writing technique and to share his opinions on the events happening in our world with a large audience. In his free time, Pranav enjoys biking and hanging out with friends, watching movies, and listening to music.


 Hiran Shyamsundar, a junior, is an Arts and Review Editor for the Knightly News. In her free time, Hiran takes long walks with her dog “Rovie” and rewatches old seasons of her favorite tv shows: Friends and Grey’s Anatomy. She enjoys journalism because it not only gives her the opportunity to express her ideas and explore a variety of different writing techniques but also allows her to improve upon the skills that she already has.


Camila Angola is a junior and the Senior Features Editor. She joined the Knightly News her freshman year so that she could grow as a writer and meet new people. In her free time, she enjoys reading, watching cheesy rom-coms, and playing sports. She is looking forward to writing interesting and relevant pieces that the WWP community will enjoy, and to continue growing as a writer.


Josh Chait is a sophomore and a Feature Editor. In his free time, he enjoys reading, walking his dog, and writing fantasy novels. He joined The Knightly News because of his deep love of writing and his desire to make a difference in his school.


Sherelle McQueen is a senior and joined The Knightly News as a junior. She is now the Senior Sports Editor. Sherelle is the co-captain of the Color Guard in the North Marching Band and is also the manager of the Girls Varsity and JV Basketball teams. She immediately started loving journalism when she joined the staff because she can finally show people how my opinion on certain topics going on around the world, through writing. When she feels productive, she starts planning and writing out certain things for her future, such as college. When Sherelle isn’t being productive, she watches Netflix and YouTube videos.